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Pb Batteries are able to advise on the correct battery for you carriage application, including the boxes and batteries specified according to BR1, BR2 and up to BR8. With the many years of experience the correct battery can be found and supplied in boxes or as loose cells.

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  • How do I work out what batteries I need?For replacement batteries the details required are as much information you have regarding the existing battery, i.e. number of cells or batteries, voltage, size, type etc. If you require new boxes we are able to specify and supply new boxes to BR 1, BR2, and up to BR8, completely built or with loose cells for fitting on site. If you need help to identify your battery contact us and we will get one of our rail experts to assist you.If you are looking to change the size of the battery power, advice is available from our rail experts as to what options are available. Contact us with your available information and we will gladly advise.
  • What is the difference between Traction batteries and Leisure batteries?Traction batteries can be discharged down to 20% left and leisure batteries can only be discharged down to about 50%. For example a 100ah battery as traction battery would give you 80ah to use, as opposed to 50ah from a leisure battery. Therefore the traction battery for the same rated amp hour capacity will give you more power to use.
  • How do I charge the batteries?You batteries can be charged by a mains powered charger, individual dynamo or alternator. If you would like advice on mains chargers please contact us for help.
  • How easy are the batteries to maintain?The batteries are easy to maintain and require checking regularly and if standard batteries require topping with distilled water. Automatic topping systems and other topping accessories are also available , all of which are designed to reduce maintenance to the minimum and make it simple. Advice is available if you require on any of the available option please contact us.
  • What is in a battery and how does it work?A battery has several lead plates suspended in a diluted sulphuric acid. Half of the plates are negative and the other positive. The negative and the positive are slightly dissimilar lead content. When you use the battery the acid is absorbed by the plates making them similar (flat battery) and when you charge the acid is pushed out (charged battery).
  • Do you offer any service back up?Yes. The Pb Batteries mobile workshops are fully stoked and our trained technicians are skilled to fault find, repair, refurbish, install and advise.
  • Is there a Warranty?Yes. All our work and products are warranted. The warrantee periods are different for each of the products available.
  • Where can the batteries go?The batteries are fitted into the standard battery compartment on the Carriage.
  • Can the batteries go anywhere?The batteries could be fitted in most places where there is space available and special requirements necessary. Batteries can be installed in closed spaces if fitted with automatic topping with gas venting equipment or maintenance free GEL, allowing for more fitment options.
  • Can you fit the batteries for me?Yes. Pb Batteries offer a full fitting service if and when required and all our workmanship is warranted.
  • Would I be able to fit them myself?Yes. If you are happy and competent to fit the batteries, we will gladly advise if required.
  • My requirement is in a public area, can you fit the battery here?Yes, Health and Safety is paramount and with the assistance of the rail staff this can be facilitated.
  • What area do you need?The technician will require access to the battery fitting area with enough room for fitting and access. Parking within close proximity to the work will also be required for the technician’s mobile workshop.
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